Smart Water Meters

New water meters will be installed on every home in Colonial Place over the coming week. We know everyone has questions so we put together an FAQ.

Why are new meters being installed? The IntelliH20 water meter communicates wirelessly and eliminates the need for someone to physically go into every backyard to read the meters. This allows us to lower costs on labor, prevent recording errors, identify water line leaks sooner, and change billing companies. Water meters also have a life expectancy of about 15 years and loose accuracy as they age.

Who is installing the meters? Capstone Metering

When will the meter be installed at my home? Over the next few weeks, every home will get a new meter. The installer will work in sections through the neighborhood. You should receive a notice on your door when they plan to begin work in your area. You will need to have gates unlocked and all pets put away during this time.

How long will installation take? Each install takes an average of 30 minutes during which time your water will be turned off. It will be turned back on immediately after the install is completed and your new meter will then be reading your water consumption.

Is there any cost to me? The meters are paid for through your HOA dues.

Who will be doing the water billing now? You will continue to receive water bills that same way you have in the past. PGMS will continue billing for the next couple months to ensure a smooth transition, though they will no longer need to enter your backyard to read your meter. Our property management will send PGMS the digital readings and they will send out the bills. We will update everyone once a new billing system is ready.

Will I be able to access my water meter readings? Yes, once everything is ready, we will provide instructions on how to access information about your water meter.