Green Haven HOA – Online Improvement Request Form



All improvements performed within our neighborhood must be performed in accordance with our guiding documents, including the deed restrictions, amendments to the deed restrictions, and any rules and regulations approved by the Board of Directors. Copies of these documents were provided to homeowners at their Closing event hosted by your Title Company. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is established by the Deeds, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR) and authorized by the Board of Directors to review, approve, and deny requests for improvements to a property. All potential improvements must be approved by the ACC prior to ANY form of construction being performed.

Required Documents

Any property owner wishing to perform improvements to their property must complete and submit this online application
1) A completed Improvement Online Request Form (this form)
2) Complete, to-scale, plans for the proposed improvement (Note: if the file is illegible, a hard-copy must be provided)
3) A site plan showing the location of the proposed improvement (Note: the expectation is the submitter will draw-in their improvement onto a surveyor-published site plan)

Plans must be of sufficient detail for the ACC to determine compliance with the guiding documents. Major construction (such as
dwellings, detached garages, accessory buildings, and similar) typically requires more detail in order to obtain approval than minor
construction (such as walkways and playscapes). Applications with insufficient information will be declined. Examples of
insufficient information are plans that omit the following:

  • Full size plans (for major construction)
  • Engineered foundation plan with engineer’s seal (for dwellings, detached garages, accessory buildings, and similar large structures)
  • Accurate and documented scale (such as ¼”=1’)
  • Elevations for all sides of a structure
  • All materials clearly marked on each elevation (it is insufficient to mark plans as “All masonry”)
  • Site plan must include reference dimensions from property lines

The ACC may request additional information as necessary to evaluate compliance with the guiding documents.


No applications will be considered if there are outstanding issues with the property or property owner. All assessments and/or fines must be current prior to approval of any application. Any application submitted without meeting these requirements will be denied.

Contact Information

Improvement requests must be submitted by the property owner of record for that particular property. Non-property owners,including but not limited to a builder contracted by a property owner, may not submit improvement requests on behalf of the property owner and any such submission will be considered an invalid improvement request. Improvement requests that do not include valid, verifiable contact information will be denied.