Attention all Hutto Residents:

The Hutto Town Square HOA on behalf of its board of directors, has prepared a city wide petition to support the RE-zoning of RJAE#1884 Hutto Square Commercial Block T, Lot 37 & LOT 39 (highlighted areas below) from Multi-Family to Single Family use . Both of these areas are right off of Exchange Blvd. As the land is zoned now, 3 story Apartments are a possibility. Single family builders have proposed multiple times to the City of Hutto to build in these areas, and the City has said no.


Let your opinion be heard and tell the City of Hutto you DON’T want Multi-Family Apartment housing in the areas highlighted below.


  Help support this land re-zoning and sign the petition below.


This information will be submitted only as validation to the city of Hutto solely for the purpose of showing

support for RE-zoning of RJAE#1884 Hutto Square CommercialBlock T, Lot 37 & LOT 39 from Multi-Family use to Single Family use




Hutto Petition

Petition supporting land re-zoning iRE-zoning of RJAE#1884 Hutto Square CommercialBlock T, Lot 37 & LOT 39 in the City of Hutto