HOA Developer Services

HOA Developer Services Division ensures successful management of new communities from conception through build-out and beyond. This program assists developers with the establishment and transition of an association in an effort to ensure the long-term sustainability of a community.The dynamics of covenant-restricted communities in Texas are constantly changing due to market trends, land availability, and increased requirements mandated by changing laws. This is why it is increasingly important for developers to take extra care in creating community associations with supporting documentation that is thoughtful, adaptable and forward-thinking.


The involvement of our HOA Developer Services ideally starts during the mapping/development phase of a new community – prior to the recording of the governing documents. The experienced PS Property team reviews maps, documents and initial plans to identify potential problems the developer may experience. This early involvement allows management to gain a better understanding of the entire project, including land characteristics, product offerings, sales projections and association involvement. Services Include:

  • Sales meeting attendance to educate teams on association-specific issues
  • Facilitation of required registration with state-mandated agencies
  • Assistance in the completion of the HOA reserve study
  • Preparation of association budgets including the estimated reserve contribution requirement
  • Assistance with the selection of qualified, professional vendors; the vendor qualification process includes verifying references, licensing and insurance
  • Assurance of legal compliance including association Board meetings, annual membership meetings, and elections
  • Oversight of association Board meetings including special elections and annual meetings
  • Assistance with understanding the fiduciary responsibilities owed to the Association
  • Initiation and allocation tracking of capital assessments and subsidy agreements
  • Facilitation of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) review process and submittals
  • Facilitation of third-party inspections and creation of warranty and maintenance manuals
  • Tracking and preparation of HOA common area turnover and transition documentation
  • Assistance with homeowner correspondence and education to promote a sense of community from first occupancy



Choosing PS Property Management to start off your community is the first step to a successful HOA community.  Give us a call at (512) 251-6122 to discuss what we can do for your development or request a Management Proposal