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HOA Manager: Why it’s really 5 Jobs in 1

Being exclusively in HOA and Condo association management, we have learned over the years that it takes a very unique set of skills to make a great HOA manager.  An individual manager must cater to a variety of people, with many different needs and wants,  and deliver results in a very timely fashion, all while being in budget and executed […]

Non Domestic Animals Have No Home in a HOA

The summer of 2012 has been quite an interesting one from a HOA management perspective so far.  Summer is officially underway, pool season is in full effect and the weather is officially hot.

During our regular HOA community inspections that we regularly conduct, we have noticed a few irregular visitors in  our communities.  We have had multiple encounters with Non-Domestic animals […]

PS Property Management Introduces automatic HOA email notifications

At PS Property Management Company, we are always looking to improve the efficiency and communication of our HOA and condo communities.  We are proud to say we accomplish both of those goals with our latest round of community feature updates.


Deed restriction violation instant email notification

We are now able to offer all of our HOA and Condo […]

Google+ Hangout the future of HOA Board meetings?

Anyone that has ever lived in a HOA or Condo Association community knows that the feeling of being persuaded by a neighbor to volunteer for the board of directors for their community. Most people are scared to death to add any additional responsibility or obligation to their already jam packed schedule. They are worried about attending long meetings usually in […]

HOA Board Members:Creative strategies for reducing HOA costs

Creative strategies to reduce overall HOA costs without having to re-negotiatiate with your HOA Management company or major service providers.


As all good HOA board members do, they are always looking to help improve the financial situation of their HOA community.   Everyone’s  first reaction is always to look at the management costs or service provider (landscaper, pool […]

Manor Texas HOA Management

Manor Texas is a great up and coming suburb of the City of Austin.  Manor has exploded in growth over the last 10 years as people have began to develop in the Manor area.  Manor is located just east of the Austin area and has seen […]