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At PS Property Management Company, we are always looking to improve the efficiency and communication of our HOA and condo communities.  We are proud to say we accomplish both of those goals with our latest round of community feature updates.   Deed restriction violation instant email notification We are now able to offer all of our HOA and Condo communities automatic emails for deed restriction violations.  We will continue to maintain the normal legal protocol for deed restriction violations via mailed out notices to the owner and the tenant (if applicable), but now the appropriate party will be notified via email as well.  This will help improve communication between our office and our communities without increasing any of their bottom line costs associated with postage or mailings of any kind. Our intention is that this new feature will also decrease the average reaction time of a residence that is out of compliance with the deed restrictions, because they are now being notified in real time.   This new feature is a great tool for any property owner that lives out of state or out of the Austin area.  It allows them to receive instant feedback about their property and to ensure that their tenants are complying with their community’s HOA or condo association dead restrictions.  Any homeowner that travels frequently or is constantly on the go can also appreciate the instant notification feature to help them balance their busy schedules as well.   Community Wide Email Messaging system   PS Property management along with their vendor partners has now changed how our HOA and condo associations will communicate. Our associations that have a website through the our Athomenet partner, will have access to full scale, community wide email notification system.  With this system, we will be able to notify anyone that has a registered email address with our PS Property Management office about upcoming community events, scheduled maintenance, emergency notifications, and much more.  This small investment for a community will pay off handsomely in the result of lowered postage and mailing costs along with vastly improved communication.   Our communities that have this technology package will also be able to send out delinquent HOA assessment notices to all necessary parties via email notification on top of the standard mailed notification.  This is intended to help decrease the delinquency rate of HOA and condo assessments.  We have discovered that many of our homeowners have completely converted to the online way of paying bills and therefore do not check their mailboxes nearly as often as in the past.  We wanted to offer a little an extra reminder for those that need it in a digital format.   PS Property Management will continue to seek out the best HOA and condo management tools available in the industry. Technology continues to evolve within the HOA management world and we are here to lead the charge.We believe these tools are a great added value for all of our communities.  They will allow them to run more efficiently with out increasing their costs in this sensitive economy.  If your community is interested in adding the full community email notification system to their HOA or condo management package, simply contact your HOA or condo manager for further details.

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