Top 8 Benefits of Living in a well Managed Homeowners Association

Often times when in the market for buying a home, most choose to pick a house in a homeowners association as it protects the value of your home. Keep in mind that every homeowners association is different dependent upon state laws, appointed board of directors and a few other factors but, when teamed up with a professional HOA management company there are numerous benefits that homeowners receive when living in a homeowners association. Often times opinions about living in a homeowners association are formed without recognizing the benefits of living in a HOA and only focusing on the drawbacks. Before forming your opinion please explore the benefits of living in a well managed homeowners association below.

  1. Being a member of a HOA helps protect property values.
  • By holding residents accountable to deed restrictions, homes and common areas are constantly being maintained.
  1. Access to community amenities such as pools, walking trails, basketball & volley ball courts.
  • Depending on the HOA, by staying current with assessments, homeowners can have access to exclusive indoor and outdoor amenities.
  1. Community financial stability.
  • With a systematic collection of assessments the community can feel financially comfortable making improvements and maintaining common areas.
  1. Minor HOA rules and regulations can prevent nuisance activity. 
  • With living in a homeowners association comes strong communication within the neighborhood, and neighborhood watch groups deterring problematic activity.
  1. Living in a homeowners association presents a sense of security.
  • With active community volunteers diligently working for the best interest of the association, homeowners gain a sense of security.
  1. Common areas of the neighborhood are well maintained.
  • By having a third party landscape and lawn care company under contract, lawns are properly cared for and maintained.
  1. Increased community pride with neighborhood events and activities.
  • Community activities and gatherings such as national night out or an outdoor movie night, help bring neighbors closer, increasing community pride.
  1. Architectural controls committee preserving the original community design.
  • The ACC reviews all projects that modify the exterior of the homes in the neighborhood community. This prevents any one homeowner from going way off base and painting their house a random color.

There are many unique benefits of living in a well managed homeowners association.  Consider these factors as you look to purchase your next home or condominium unit.  To learn more about how PS Property Management takes care of our HOA communities, click the link below to learn about the full range of services that we offer.