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How to remove a Pokémon Go site from your HOA

 Pokémon No!  How to remove a Pokémon site from HOA’s common area property.

As a professional HOA management company, we are here to support our HOA and Condo community clients any way we can. Inevitably, our experienced HOA community managers are asked to resolve or assist with situations that are completely new territory for us.  This time, we were recently asked to […]

How to remove a Pokémon Go site from your HOA2018-11-29T10:29:10-06:00

5 Myths about HOA violation Inspections

HOA Violation Inspections are a necessary part of our normal management services that we provide our HOA and Condo communities.  Although it is just one of the many services we perform for our communities, it’s certainly a main focus for many homeowners. It’s understandable why.  Many homeowners can be surprised that they received a compliance violation, and others can be […]

5 Myths about HOA violation Inspections2018-11-16T17:10:47-06:00