Downtown austin condo management (Demo)
PS Property Management is excited to announce the formal extending of our management relationship with one of our great Downtown Austin Condo communities.  PS Property Management has been diligently working as the condo association management company for 2020 Congress Condos since December 2013.  During that time PS Property Management has helped the association improve dramatically in many areas in just under a 12 month time frame.Downtown austin condo management company 2020 Congress has been vastly improved financially and which certainly has helped execute all maintenance concerns in quick and efficient manner.  Communication is certainly more streamlined and makes it much easier for owners, tenants, and property managers to be able to access recent community developments and important documentation.  Our experienced Austin condo management team has also help establish a great condo budget and expense plan to help keep 2020 Congress Condominiums on steady path of condo association success. PS Property Management knew when the relationship began that there were several pending issues facing the community.  Knowing this PS Property Management accepted the challenge head on and was whiling to do what it took to help the people of the 2020 Condo Association.  The positive feedback from both the condo board of directors and the owners and residents of the community have been amazing.  It really is gratifying for our management team that we are really making a difference in their community , its what keeps us going and pushing for even better and quicker results. downtown austin condo association managementWe are certainly looking forward to the future with 2020 Congress Condo Community. 2015 will certainly be a great year for 2020 Congress The community is looking into extra security features for the community as well as being one of the first Condo Associations in Austin to officially be wired with Google Fiber.  We look forward to working hard and ensuring that our management relationship with the downtown Austin condo is a long and prosperous one . If you live in Downtown Austin Condo Association, and you are ready to take your condo community to the next level, contact us today about we can help your association become a”Better Place to come Home”  Are you already a Austin Condo Association Board member? Take just a second to Request a proposal from us today and start seeing”Personal Service, Positive results” while saving your community thousands in management costs.

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