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New lane construction greatly improves Round Rock HOA traffic

Key Intersection at Gattis School and Redbud to have better traffic flow The citizens of Round Rock have spoken, and now they have their results.  The city of Round Rock has completed construction on a brand new turns lane at the very busy intersection of Gattis School and Red Bud Lane.  The construction of a new right-turn lane for southbound traffic turning onto westbound Gattis School Road, will greatly help traffic flow for that area. This intersection has been confusing and bogged down with traffic in the evenings for some time.  This is a very key intersection as it is in the middle of about seven different HOA communities in Round Rock. The new lane construction is certainly a victory for nearby communities and the very large HEB shopping center at that intersection.  As a HOA management company, we are proud to have helped the citizens of Round Rock lobby for this change.  Although it may seem like a small change, it will have a great impact on the immediate area, as that section of Round Rock continues to grow in population and traffic flow.

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