We are thrilled to announce our newest HOA community management relationship. Elm Creek HOA located in Elgin, TX has joined up with our management team. PS Property Management Company is proud to represent the Elm Creek HOA community and begin assisting with our variety of community services. We at PS Property Management Company have been proudly managing HOA and condo associations in Central Texas, since 1987.

Our entire company is excited to help assist the owners of Elm Creek HOA with the management transition.  PS Property Management company will be officially taking over the day to day management operations of the HOA beginning January 1, 2017. All homeowners will be receiving information via mail including a welcome letter, account information, billing info, and other general contact information.  Be on the lookout for this mailed information towards the beginning of December. All homeowners that had an email on file with the previous management company will also be receiving several updates via email as well.

We are anxious to start working together with the board of directors of Elm Creek HOA.  We will assisting the board of directors with several items including:

  • Review of long and short term community goals
  • Reviewing all collection accounts
  • Reviewing all collection and fine and enforcement policies
  • completing a full bill audit to help lower costs
  • Help establishing more community events
  • Establish clear communication within the community


These are just some of the initial tasks that we will working diligently with the Board of Directors to help accomplish in the coming months.

If you are a homeowner in the Elm Creek HOA and you have questions regarding this HOA management transition, please feel free to give us a ring at our office at 512-251-6122.  Our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

We are excited to bring personal service, and positive results for the Elm Creek HOA for months to come. Our biggest goal as a company is to guide a community to reach its highest potential. We look forward to making Elm Creek HOA, “A better place to call home”