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Association Management Austin

Association Management Austin

There are many types of property management companies out there.  Most people when they think property management, they immediately think about the traditional individual home or apartment property management.  While these are valuable services to have, there is another variety of property management services that could much […]

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Condo Development

PS Property Management Company,  located in Austin, Texas, is a condo management company.  Since 1987 PS Property Management Company, Inc. prides itself in condo development to ensure as a resident of a Home Owners Association you as the resident are being treated with respect and get results instead of empty promises.  Since each HOA is unique condo development makes sure […]

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Condominium and HOA Insurance Basics

 No one likes to deal with insurance or insurance companies, this is just a natural fact, however a necessity of life.  Insurance policies can be rather confusing and most people feel like they need a lawyer to translate all the legalese that is contained within a policy.  Outlined below is Insurance 101 when it pertains to Condominium and Home Owners […]

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