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PS Property Management meets with Google Fiber Team

Google Fiber has certainly been a topic of conversation that has many homeowners and community leaders buzzing lately. As many of you may know Google has selected Austin as the next destination to roll out their Google Fiber Internet and TV services.  PS Property Management recently met with Google to learn more about how to bring their fiber optic technology […]

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Condo Development

PS Property Management Company,  located in Austin, Texas, is a condo management company.  Since 1987 PS Property Management Company, Inc. prides itself in condo development to ensure as a resident of a Home Owners Association you as the resident are being treated with respect and get results instead of empty promises.  Since each HOA is unique condo development makes sure […]

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Condominium and HOA Insurance Basics

 No one likes to deal with insurance or insurance companies, this is just a natural fact, however a necessity of life.  Insurance policies can be rather confusing and most people feel like they need a lawyer to translate all the legalese that is contained within a policy.  Outlined below is Insurance 101 when it pertains to Condominium and Home Owners […]

Condominium and HOA Insurance Basics2018-02-26T14:58:26-06:00

Understanding your HOA or Condo governing documents

So you just bought a new home or condo in a great neighborhood and you’re super excited about it.  You got your set of keys, garage door opener, mail box key, and huge stack of paperwork.  You know that the stack or paperwork is probably important, but of course like most new owners, you are so excited about your purchase […]

Understanding your HOA or Condo governing documents2018-02-26T14:58:28-06:00

Round Rock Condo Management

PS Property Management Company has been proudly serving the Round Rock area Condo Associations since 1987. The city of  Round Rock has grown by leaps and bounds and PS Property Management has progressed and adapted to meets its ever changing needs.

We have been involved in Round Rock Condo Management for over 25 years.  We have seen Round Rock grow from […]

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